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Introducing Aprika Group (AG)!


We launched Aprika based on our experience moving between the investor and entrepreneurial communities in New York City and in Nairobi, Kenya, and recognizing that there are many parties who are currently frustrated.

Frustrated with identifying investable ventures, frustrated with accessing investors, frustrated in understanding investors, and frustrated in knowing what you need to do to get their businesses to a position where an investor will take notice.

We noticed that:

  • Many experienced, veteran investors who are interested in investing in Africa and other growth markets, but who don’t have the local market insight or networks to properly source and evaluate potential opportunities

  • Many visionary, talented entrepreneurs with tremendous amounts of grit, but who come from a background that hasn’t provided the technical business and finance skills to articulate their venture’s story in a way that connects with investors

We decided that someone needed to step-in and fill this gap. That’s when the Aprika Group was born!

If either situation resonates with you, give us a shout to see how we might be able to contribute to remving some of the hurdles in your journey!

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